Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Download ttd panchangam app

Download ttd panchangam app

TTD provides panchangam for devotes by app also.Download app here.
Daily Panchang, tithi, varam, nakshatra and auspicious (and inauspicious timings) of a given day can now obtained right out of your pocket. Hindu Calendar (Panchangam) is a convenient way to access all traditional day, date, time, muhurat etc very easily.

TTD publications For the benefit of Netizens, is contemplating making all its publications available in different languages, on its official web site.

TTD’s religious monthly magazine–Sapthagiri is published in six languages namely Telugu,Hindi,Sanskrit,English,Tamil and Kannada.Currently,the Telugu version of the magazine is on the website.Other five versions will soon be made available on TTD website.

TTD Hindu Almanac-Panchangam in Telugu is also available on the website.

To download/View more e-books please click here:

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